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Inaugural Address: September, 2019

September 10, 2019

Dear Members,

Bula Vinaka, Namaste, Noa’ia e mau’ri. I would like to thank all the members who attended the 61st FMA annual Scientific conference. What a fantastic conference it was! The theme “Responding to Adversity” was a timely one. As a Profession, we are negotiating through times of change and facing new and unforeseen challenges. These challenges are at a personal level, workplace related and institutional level. We thought it was timely to tease out some of these more sensitive issues and discuss it out in a collegiate forum and indeed the response we have received thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. We rely on your feedback to improve on future conferences so please take time out to fill in yours via the survey monkey that has been emailed.

Stemming from our conference, we have made the following resolutions:

-          FMA supports 1.5 degree rise limit in temperature 2020

-          FMA does not condone any form of violence

-          FMA supports nursing specialization

-          FMA members are encouraged to take care of themselves physically mentally spiritually and Financially

-          FMA members to be more mindful of our colleagues and ‘checking on each other’.

-          FMA members to be more thoughtful in the use of our social media

o   In the posts they create

o   In the photos they chose to upload

o   Patient privacy (confidentiality and disclosures)

-          Encourage incorporation into the early medical training (EQ and communication)

-          Be mindful of the way we speak to our patients and colleagues

-          FMA would encourage emergency drills in all facilities

-          FMA supports overseas attachments abroad provided the candidate returns

To those members who could not attend this year, thank you so much for covering the workstations so your fellow colleagues could attend. This collegiality and culture of sacrifice must be reciprocated so that everyone gets a fair chance to attend. We do run mini conferences in Suva, Lautoka and Labasa and this is an opportunity for members that potentially miss out on the main conference to attend as the theme is the same.

This was election year and I am pleased to announce your executive council as follows:

President – Dr Basharat Munshi

Vice-President – Dr Amanda Hill

Executive Secretary – Dr Mafa Vakamocea

Treasurer – Dr Alipate Vakamocea


Elected Executive Council Members:

Dr Sailosi Ratumaitavuki

Dr Shakeel Ahmed

Dr Priyant Shaneel

Dr Ronal Kumar

Dr Myrielle Allen

Co-opted Executive Council Members:

Dr Inosi Voce

Dr Saiasi Caginidaveta

Dr James Fong

Dr Jemesa Tudravu

Dr Akuila Naqasima

Dr Brian Guevara

Dr Amrish Krishnan

Dr Rajneel Kumar

I would like to congratulate the incoming executive council who will continue to advocate on all the members behalf. It is an exciting time indeed to be an FMA member knowing a solid team has your back. Moreover, we will be venturing into standardizing and easing the process of renewal of your respective registrations by giving you ample opportunity to gain CME points through our various platforms. We will strengthen our mentoring programs and ensure that all members are regularly checked upon in terms of their overall health in the form of courtesy calls and messages asking if they are O.K.? You are all welcome to a cup of coffee at our Holland street office. If you are coming from out of Suva and need a place to stay, our office is open to you. 


Vinaka vakalevu, Daniyabaad and Fa’eksia

Dr Basharat Munshi

President Fiji Medical Association